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Member Spotlight

Traci Blue

Traci is the Director of the Volunteer Resource Center at Heart of Florida United Way where she leads a team of professionals who manage opportunities for volunteer engagement for corporate, faith-based, school-related and civic groups and individuals. She is inspired in her work at United Way by the difference they are making in their community and the people they serve. She serves on boards of youth related non-profits, and volunteer-focused organizations, and serves as a mentor.

Growing up, Traci wanted to be a teacher like her grandmother and aunts so she could have a positive influence on youth. Her grandmother, Doris Ann Holman, is her hero. She was an educator who was passionate about teaching and served in the Los Angeles School District for 35 years.  She was also extremely active in her church and teaching sorority, and was a mentor and community servant for her whole life. Traci was inspired to serve by her grandmother and has adopted a similar pattern of service in her own life.

In Traci’s personal life, she is very proud of her is 21 year old son, Tevin, who is a junior at FAMU, and Tyler, her 18 year old daughter who is attending FAMU this fall.  Traci is also a HUGE Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan!  She can be a little adventurous at times. She’s rappelled down from a three story building and plans to skydive with her son soon!

Traci Blue is Certified in Volunteer Administration and serves on the Florida Association For Volunteer Resource Management Board as an At Large Director.

Joyce Wilson

Joyce Wilson dreamed of being a business owner but her life’s path was redirected to serving not just herself but caring for and about others.  Joyce credits her mother with instilling service and volunteerism in her as a young child.  Her mom, now retired, continues to model service through her own volunteering with children and seniors. 

As Executive Director of Unity Family Community Center, Joyce has the opportunity to share her personal purpose; to serve others, to bring happiness and to improve the quality of life. She is inspired by the people she serves and strives to build partnerships to help others.  Joyce says “As we dream of how our lives are to be lived out, there is always another path ahead of us. With my mother’s wisdom embedded in me, I currently volunteer with faith based organizations, substance prevention coalitions, mentoring program and nonprofits. Each organization’s mission is to serve others.” 

Unity Family Community Center is in Williston and their mission is to ensure services make positive changes in the lives of the youth served. This is accomplished through role models, improved family support, strengthened coping skills, and productive lifestyles through programs in prevention, intervention, and education.  

Joyce holds a B.A. in Business Administration with specialization in Management, Dual Master of Arts in Management and Leadership and Human Resource Management. She currently serves as a At Large Director on the Florida Association For Volunteer Resource Management Board.

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